Intensity by CC Koen

There was plenty of good things to say about this book but I am loathed to say that there was a naivety about it that made my concentration waver on more than one occasion.

As a debut novel I have to say this was a great shot and that I would read from this author again, I liked the fact that it wasn’t sex fuel romp through the pages despite the setting and that it showed that romance isn’t always instant it’s an evolution.

The characters were good, I liked Serena, although many of her actions were completely indicative of her age, her desire to stand on her own two feet while commendable was in my opinion foolish, I got that she had a past that was less than stellar and that having lost her grandmother she was faced with a sea of debt that for someone her age appeared to be insurmountable, but she took what she considered to be her only option, a job that she would have never considered before. (I thought that a dubious message to send to readers.)

Linc and his club are Serena’s salvation - a means to an end to pay her debts but Linc has other ideas, because he as much as Linc laid claim to her almost immediately. His secrets and past are tragic and with her help there is a chance that he may just be able to let go of some of the guilt that he has been carrying around with him. I had my fingers crossed anyway because I liked Linc.

I got the feeling that the author cleverly held some details back and actively encouraged us to draw our own conclusions with regards to the direction that they would go, a very clever trick. I thought that they had a resonance that was fairly deep seated and that would stand them in good stead for getting a happy ever after… eventually. That is not to say that what they have now is not happy but you know that nothing is ever that smooth!

Overall the book was a great way to while away some time and an interesting debut book by this author