Into Temptation

by Emma Abbott

A steamy little read, that had more than one trick up its sleeve. Set on the Channel Island of Guernsey, the author made great use of the beautiful backdrop that the island presented her with and painted some fabulously vivid pictures with her words. This and the fact that the characters were ultimately engaging meant that this was a read that was very difficult to take a break from.

Jack has had his fill, his hugely successful business empire has kept him on the go for what seems like forever but with success comes responsibility and he is acutely aware of that, hence the fact that his first vacation in years is also tied neatly up with the purchase of the latest additions to the Ward Hotels portfolio.

He should have known that any attempt to find time to kick back and relax was always going to be dealt a hammer blow but he didn’t think it would arrive in the shapely form of a woman that almost certainly hates his guts, throw the resurfacing of he had through was a long-buried family feud and his vacation is well and truly scuppered!

I liked Amber, she had a simple honesty about her that after the demise of her engagement had her looking for not necessarily Mr Right but just a good time, and Jack certainly fit that bill…but was her time with him the start of something more or could it very well be the end of everything?

There were twists and turns peppered throughout the book that took this on a journey that I must admit I didn’t necessarily have pegged at first but once the characters hit their stride it was an absorbing read and the author did not disappoint…this was a wonderfully romantic read that brought more to the page than I had anticipated.


Topic: Into Temptation by Emma Abbott

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