Weather the Storm

by LK Farlow

A stop at nothing romance that left me with a happy heart.
I may have missed the previous books in the series, but I don’t feel that it detracted one iota from the fact that this book delivered everything that I could have possibly wanted. The characters were superb, they had an authenticity about them that made them not only endearing but captivating.
It was obvious that Simon and Magnolia had been pussy-footing around each other somewhat, neither really sure on what they wanted and how exactly they should go about getting it but when the final push comes into play there is suddenly no going back…this was a relationship that was going to fight all the way for its chance to survive, even if that meant it had to fight them too.
Simon was a total catch and I was glad that he was, for all the right reasons, this was a man that had a heart the size of Texas and it was going to take all of that and more for him to get Magnolia, dear sweet, shy Magnolia to open up because her past was one that was far from a bed of roses, and when the truth of it was revealed, it was a painful reminder that her hurt is only too real for some my heart hurt for her but she had the opportunity to start again with a man that was willing, able and ready to adore her.
What this had was an honest charm, that was impossible to escape, and the author has a magnificent writing style, the tone and pace had me hooked. The romance was pitched perfectly, a sweet story that was presented with just the right amount of anticipation and mystery.
This may have been a small-town romance, but it left nothing to chance!

Topic: Weather the Storm by LK Farlow

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