by JL Drake

First in the brand-new Devil’s Reach MC series by J L Drake and this is a corker!

Plaudits have to be given to this author and the fact that she presented this MC, warts and all, she didn’t sugar-coat anything and the story was explosive because of that realism, this was about gritty as you could possibly ask for, with a sizeable chunk of grit and gore thrown in for good measure.

Trigger answered to one man and one man only as he grew up and totally at the behest of a father that spared nothing in his provision of a truly horrific upbringing, trigger was an old hand in the underground fighting scene from a very early age but that past served no-one purpose but his fathers and now that he has gone and Trigger is at the helm of the MC he is trying to do things differently but his past has left its legacy and whether he likes it or not his notoriety preceded him.

Tess, is best friends with fellow Devil’s Reach brother, Brick (aka Matt) and with a serious need to get the heck out of harm’s way she his seeks refuge at his door and in doing so ends up working at their bar. I liked the fact that author didn’t lay all the facts about what was going on with Tess out upfront, she eluded to the issues and that added to the tension of her being with the club because despite the fact that the guys where certain that she wasn’t cut out for their brand of crazy, she was made of tougher stuff and as b***hit nuts as the things that she experienced going on around her, she dug deep.

Throwing Tess into the mix with the club brought out a different side to Trigger, a side that he had no idea how to assimilate, she confused what he had always pictured about his life and the change wasn’t an easy thing for him to get his head around.

As I said early on the author dint hold back with the level of drama, she fed it to me with both barrels because other than the whole Trigger and Tess situation there was also what can only be described as the mother of all sh**storms brewing with a rival MC – that was always going to be epic!

Be prepared for murder, mystery and magnificent mayhem because with this you get all that and so much more…Oh, and you also get a cliff hanger ending, gutted I know!

Topic: Trigger by JL Drake

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