Oceans Collide

by M A DeOlmos

This is not a smooth ride and nor should it be. So hang on tight as you get to know Livie, Lawrence and Ocean!

It may seem strange that in this we have three major players to contend with but that fact only adds to the pleasure that you will get from this story, because each of them brings their own dynamic to the tale and that is a great big fat positive in my book.

Livie has been through more than most growing up, my heart went out to a young woman that deserved better than she had.

Lawrence (Law) well OMG the man needs a health warning, he is just too good to be true. I want a friend like him, he was joyous!

Setting up his new fitness centre, means that he is hiring staff and when Livie turns up looking for work, the attraction is unmistakable. Not to say that what they have is carnal, because they seem to share a deeper bond and that means that they are destined to be the very best of friends.

When Law’s life seems to be getting out of hand following a situation with his father. It is Livie that is able to ground him and give him the stability that he needs. And when it is Livie that needs support, he is by her side to return the favour but this time he is not alone because he has a sidekick by them and what a man he turns out to be.

So just when we are all bobbing along , getting to grips what is happening to Law and Livie, in comes the indomitable Ocean, and oh my lord, what is in the water because he is damn well gorgeous!

Law and Ocean are family, cousins and Ocean not fully understanding the situation between Law and Livie wont step on Law’s toes but his reaction to Livie is primal.

From the minute he sets eyes on her, the temperature goes through the roof!!!

The three of them, are amazing, I loved the connection that they have and the dynamic that each pair brings to the scenario, Livie and Law are a tight as you can be, Law and Ocean are just brilliant together and Ocean and Livie- OMG they have something that is just so solid that I was smiling for them both.

Secrets and history are the driving forces of this story but it touches on aspects of life that are difficult but it does so both with tact and empathy.

I look forward to reading the next book