Perfect Game by Collette West

Scott Harper has some fences to mend and a reputation that has just swan dived right down the pan – because when his phone is hacked and his none too discrete selfies end up going viral on the internet it isn’t just his personal parts that are the talk of the town it is those of the ladies that are accompanying him.

Never one to play the PR game, he has managed to ride out much of the storm without having to deal with the press directly but what this die hard commitment phobe doesn’t know, is that the press – or one particular member of the press is just about to rock his world and he ain’t going to be able to do a damn thing about it because the inimitable Scott Harper may be the sexy face of the New York Kings and this seriously handsome man may be used to his love them and leave them attitude but one look at the new club reporter and he can do no more than wave all of that  goodbye… because this first baseman is smitten!

Carrie McKenzie is the club reporter in question and having been surrounded by baseball all her life, she has just landed her perfect job – and all on her own merit. It is not until much later on that we are enlighten as to why that plays such an important role.

The attraction between them is positively feral but Carrie is not prepared to be another in the exceedingly long line of women that have made it into Scott Harper’s bed, and because of that Scott is facing a reality that he had never considered before – monogamy.

I loved Scott, yes he has played the field in more ways than one but I could see his real desire to have a full on relationship with Carrie was important to him, he was sizzling hot in the sack but Carrie was more than his match – knowing just what buttons to push to make this horny alpha male, purr- you go girl!!

The banter between the two of them was just fabulous – they made me smile and brightened my day – I loved the fact that their connection was just so real - they faced their issues with positivity and determination and bound to each other with the knowledge that despite the past – what they had was worth the fight because it was the real McCoy.

It was good to catch up with the rest of the guys that I had come to love and be invested in from the previous two books – I also loved that Gayle was prominent – one kick ass woman if ever there was one. I really liked hearing more about how Jilly is getting on and was pleased that he was on the way back to the team but just when I thought that the team were settled and the situation between Carrie and Scott was doing fine, family had to go and get involved and they are faced with a major problem – Scott is traded to the east coast in a bid to keep the two of the apart.

Can Carrie forgive those responsible for meddling in her life and moreover will Scott forgive the fact that while he is in the best form of his life, his career has just taken a hit because of nothing more than who he is dating.

I was convinced that they would be able to work it out – I just wanted it to be on their own terms and not dictated to them – I loved the details that the author gave me into the workings of the team – but I found the disregard that the owners and team principles had for the guys and their loved ones hard to fathom. Professional sport. Wow!

Scott’s family make an appearance in this book as does Carrie's- especially his brother Bobby and her sister Alex – and I have to say way to go guys !

The story was full of conspiracy and subterfuge, beleaguered family dynamics, backstabbing and deceit and that was just Carrie’s mob! It was a beautifully descriptive tale of love, of getting your girl and doing what it takes to keep her.

It was about proving that sometimes it takes the bigger man to see that it is the small things that really matter and having the balls to fight for just that, not what you want but what you need.

Scott needed Carrie more than he needed the record that he was batting for but when the end game arrived, I have to say he played the Perfect Game.

This is a series about a sport I previously have known nothing about but I am addicted, I cannot wait to see what happens next with the guys, I mean just what is Drake up too?