Under Construction

by Aria Cole

Superfast and super funny this was the perfect tonic for a dreary winters evening.

Confronting a noisy neighbour is risk but Paige had, had enough and as far as she was concerned her less than considerate noisy next door neighbour needed to pipe down!

With barely there wall between their apartments they could both hear almost everything that went on in each other lives but knocking on his front door to say her piece was just the start of something she couldn’t have anticipated because beside the fact that this guy is a bear of a man and stupidly attractive.

Her breath slightly taken aback, Paige knew she just might have to rethink her approach because a guy like Stone could prove hazardous to her heart at the very least!

I liked Stone he was a proper alpha man, a physically imposing, strong man who knew what he wanted but didn’t necessarily know how to get it.

The events that ensued as he tried to get to know Paige brought the biggest smile to my face, it was slapstick humour almost but so sweet it certainly had me turning the pages.

As I have come to expect from this author the book had not only perfect characterisation and on point humour but it was fabulously well written.

Topic: Under Construction by Aria Cole

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