Claiming Addison

by Zoey Derrick


Book one in the 69 bottles series and three characters that you’re not going to forget in a hurry.

Addison, Talon and Kyle.

Addison had her ways and they worked – for her. She played her cards pretty close to her chest in life and even her friends were kept at a respectable distance. Getting involved with anyone is not in her plan for life at the minute but when she is on the receiving end of the advances of not one but two hunky guys, she may just have to set her rule book aside.

Lead singer Talon has the ability to have women literally on tap – anywhere he wants but definitely not in his bed more than once. Love them and leave them has worked for him up until now – because Addison has just walked on to his tour bus and his head has just started to spin!

Kyle, is the manager that despite outwards appearances has skeletons that he would very much like to remain in his closet until he is ready to let them loose. He knows Addison from way back and she is one of the few that actually know what he is hiding.

But can his rekindled interest and his hidden desire remain contained for much longer – this bus ride is just about to get interesting!!!!

The three of them are set for the ride of their lives, a journey that will lead them into a field of discovery and affirmation.

One that will evoke feelings and inspire commitments that none of them had even contemplated before but is it just all one long ride or can they salvage what they need from it when the ride is over?

Secrets and lies, temptation and regret, the book has it all and it also has some blistering sex scenes – fan may be required ladies!

Accepting who you are is a life’s work and finding happiness is not an overnight occurrence – when you have your hand on it you have to fight hard to keep it – I hope that these three understand that. I wanted Kyle and Talon to be understanding and to let themselves go, to enjoy what they had and to revel in the relationship with Addison.

A great read, looking forward to the next book.