Baking with a Rockstar

by Jasmin Miller

This was a wonderfully sweet read that took me on a wonderfully romantic journey with Hudson and Charlie.
I thought the two of them were lovely, this being far more than your standard Rockstar romance. Hudson brought more to the story than a stereotypical rocker and that was a major plus point for me. I like it when the norm is turned on its head and this does just that.
Hudson’s career in music has given him everything that he could possibly want in life, quite the opposite of Charlie, a woman who was doing everything she could to escape a past that was more painful than she wanted to remember, a single mom she had a child to consider now and a life to forge…but could that be with Hudson?
I liked the fact that the two of them were more in tune with each other than they could ever have considered, they both were looking for something more in life, a purpose, meaning and most of all love.
But getting to where they needed to be was going to be a work in progress, nothing worth having is ever easy and they had to find their happy ever after despite the fact that their lives didn’t exactly seem to be running in parallel…I had my fingers crossed for them.
There are of course secrets to be unveiled and lies to be navigated, the story wasn’t exactly angst riddled but it was true to life.
I adored Hudson and will no doubt revisit his and Charlie’s story in the very near future, but for every second that I loved Hudson, I was blown away by the connection between him and Charlie’s beautiful daughter Mira, this was a man that had everything going for him and Charlie was a very lucky woman!!
A perfectly sweet and engaging read.

Topic: Baking with a Rockstar by Jasmin Miller

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