Lead Me Back

by CD Reiss

The whole Hollywood setting hasn’t always been to my liking but when it comes to CD Reiss, it is pretty hard to find a reason not to read her work, so the setting was not going to deter me, I happily dived straight in and I was not disappointed, this was a romantic romp that brought a smile to my face.

Moving across the country for most is a pretty tough decision to make but for Kayla…it was as easy as taking her next breath because life in New York is no longer what she needs to be ( and I am saying that as politely as I can, truthfully it is awful) so heading to the West Coast and a new life in LA is the first step in a the creation of that future.

Kayla was full of ideas and inspiration, but a fluke call puts her back in touch with an ex-boyfriend that she had very much hoped would have been consigned to “ex” status …the infamous Justin Beckett.

Justin has brought much of his current misfortune on himself, after all life as a member of a popular boyband and movie star is for most, a dream job… shame Justin didn’t always get onboard with the program, hence the fact that now he is a publicity pariah. Having dabbled in everything any self-respecting celebrity should have technically avoided, his publicity people have had just about enough of him and his reckless ways, so they do everything they can to cut him off from everything connected to his past- unfortunately for Kayla and his “people” he isn’t slow in realizing that the now he has happened upon Kayla again, he may just be able use that connection.

Kayla isn’t exactly thrilled when she starts work for Justin but it is a means to an end and will hopefully cement her desire to launch her own company, and it doesn’t take long for her to learn that no matter what you leave in your wake, it doesn’t always stay there…your past is something you need to work through rather than trying to bury.

I liked the fact that once she made the decision to deal with her past she was willing to face it full on, I had hope that Justin would have been more supportive initially but I got that her actions were not always easy for him to understand…but that didn’t stop him wanting to try and turn the situation to his advantage and for that I could have reached into the book and throttled him!

As expected, this was cleverly creative, fantastically well written with well-developed characterization.

This is highly recommended


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