Waiting to Breathe

by Alyson Reynolds

After a year that she would rather forget (and by the time you have read her story you will realise why) Olivia is home and facing a future that she just doesn’t seem to have much enthusiasm for. I hate the term “broken” but she has her reasons for feeling that, that is the only word to describe her current state of mind but was being home going to help or exacerbate the problem…only time would tell. I liked Olivia, she was the sort of woman that you just wanted to take under your wing and befriend. Yep she jumped in to things with both feet and at a pace that was probably a tad more frantic than she needed. There were occasions where I just wanted her to slow down.

There is nothing not to love about Nate, he was a great guy, one that while he accepted his responsibilities with little if any reservation, I could almost feel the weight of expectation that bore down on him. His family took up much of his time but this super smart and sexy man took it all in his stride. There was so much going on underneath the surface with Nate that I was sure that he had to reach his breaking point fairly soon, I was worried that he was going to have to lose himself in order to keep everyone else happy.

The story was effectively told from both points of view but at times I will admit that it wasn’t exactly clear who was talking, they seemed to morph into being “them” really quickly and I would have liked a little more of them as individuals first. But that isn’t to say that I didn’t like who they were I did, I thought they made a super couple, I just thought they hit the ground running and the story never seemed to take the opportunity to breathe.

The author was willing to use the characters to tackle some situations that while true to life, for some reason I didn’t expect to see in the story and that was a pleasant surprise, this took a good hard look at some of the tougher situations in life.

An easy but effective read that was really enjoyable.

Topic: Waiting to Breathe by Alyson Reynolds

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