Reckless Touch

by Veronica Larsen


One word …brilliant!

This had everything and it had it pitched perfectly!

There wasn’t an emotion left untouched by the time I reached the end of the book, not a feeling that I had not experienced. The author packed each and every page with more passion, more angst and more intrigue than I thought actually possible.

There were parts of the book that had me feeling as if I was walking a tight rope and there were some aspect that stole my breath away completely…and top it all off with more than a few WTF moments and I was done!

I questioned so many points as they came to the page that I was sure I was going mad.

Amelia was an eclectic character; she was so strong in some respects yet in others I was left feeling as if she was letting her monsters win. I think I just wanted her to be the woman that she so obviously had the potential to be, a kick ass go getter that stopped at nothing to get to the bottom of a story.

Life as a newspaper reporter was all she knew, it was what she lived for to be at the forefront of bringing the news to the masses but when the story she is working blows up in her face and results in her being the victim of an attack it brings out a whole new aspect of Amelia. And it is one that she doesn’t know how to deal with.

The attack leaves her emotionally vulnerable and rightly so but it isn’t just the physical, it permeates every aspect of her life breaking her down from the inside out. It draws the fight from her, breaks down her resolve and dilutes her fight but is it enough to completely break her?

Will she allow it to tear down all the walls that she has carefully surrounded her with and pick apart a life that she has fought so hard to create?

I hoped not but with this story, I quickly learned not to take anything for granted.

There was one chink of light in the darkness for Amelia and that was the detective that was working her case. Because he was one fine specimen of a man and keeping him at arm’s length is a lost cause because he is all up in her business and makes no excuse for it either!

Sebastien Reed is as tough as they come, he is sexy as sin and has an aloof attitude that belies the depth that he hides behind his sexy eyes. He broods like a champion but is there more to this man than meets the eye.

Could they find what they needed in each other?

This is so much more than the heat sizzling between Amelia and Sebastien, this was a knock you on the seat of your pants read, it battered me into submission and I didn’t care because I could have read it twice over!

Fascinatingly fabulous, creative, passionate and tantalising this is a book that will have you crying out for more.

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