Wolf Hunger by Ella J Phoenix

WOLF HUNGER by Ella J Phoenix

Book 3 in the Dragon Heat Series.

I’m not normally a champion of the paranormal but this series is brilliant and has me hooked!

It has it all in bucket loads but please read the previous two books before you begin this one – you will get so much more from being completely immersed in the story. But hang on tight for an action packed adventure that is full to the brim with passion and intrigue and an ending that will have you shouting out loud!

The characters from the previous novels are prevalent in this but primarily it is Rafe and Yara that are the mainstay of our attention – when they are together the sky is the limit – and when they finally let loose the possibilities are wild!

This book lets us into the world of the pack and shows us what lies behind Yara façade, her past is fascinating and her secrets are hidden well.

But when she journeys back to the Amazon and we get to see the world of the water witches unfold – it is enough to take your breath away.

Old characters remain integral to the story and we pick up some new ones along the way, some not staying with us for too long.

Rafe is the epitome of sexy assed wolf if there ever could be such a thing and Yara, well she is the most beautifully, feisty water witch you will ever read – she will make you take notice of her – in fact she demands it! The bond and chemistry between the pair of them is electrifying they are sizzling together.

The book is beautifully written, vividly descriptive and emotionally charged – everything the discerning reader could possibly want when settling down to find her escape!

And with Rafe and Yara, escapism is available by the bucket load- with more to come I can only say that as a convert to the genre – Ella Phoenix – Thank You !