Not Your Hero

by Anna Brooks


Believe me when I say that I mean absolutely no offense by my next comment – but this was better than I thought it was going to be. I wasn’t sure when I read the blurb so in a way I went in hoping, rather than expecting a decent read, what I actually got in return was a story that I really, really enjoyed.

I thought that both Sam (who I think I now have a serious crush on) and Courtney were characters that the author obviously poured a lot of thought and energy into because it showed. They were wonderfully developed, their whole characterisation hit a home run when it came to playing straight from the heart. Both them and their situation was realistic and the author didn’t shy away from that.

Courtney was a strong woman, I loved the way that the author drew her personality, creating strength and attitude without alienating the world with a sea on angst and anger. She loved unconditionally, she loved her family and her friends and when it came to the bond she had with her child, then the author was able to express that in a way that only served to show the enormity of the woman, she was immense. A single mother…what about it!

Sam was the one that took me a little time, his hesitation almost to get involved was understandable but that didn’t mean that I liked it but what I did like was the fact that his heart was having none of his insipid reasoning, it knew what it wanted and to his credit he soon caught up and realised that staying away from Courtney was not an option.

They were like chalk and cheese somewhat but they made a perfect pair and I was a happy camper as I journey along with them.

The book wasn’t too long but it was packed from start to finish, the flow was fairly easily paced but the tone and attitude were on the money! A great read.

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