Bending Bethany

by Aria Cole


As far as novella’s go this is a great little read.

The story belongs to Bethany and Jenson and while she isn’t exactly the party animal, she should to thank her lucky stars that she took the night out of her normal routine and hit the town and met Jenson while she was in a bar.

Bethany had no time for anything other than her studies, she certainly didn’t need a relationship but a one-night stand, yep she could cope with that. So with little regard for consequence, after all she has no intension of ever seeing him again, she spends the night and then slips away unnoticed in the morning. Now, got her singlemindedness, honestly I did…it was just a shame that Jenson didn’t because this guy is not ready to disappear into the ether!

Jenson isn’t just your average guy, he is famous in his field a re-known soccer star but that doesn’t mean that he is willing to just accept her ambivalence and walk away, h*ll no, his heart is having none of it, she is his woman and as man the hairy hunterish as that sounds, he was absolutely not going to let her get away, he would show her just how much he wanted her.

This was a quick witted little read, it was sharp but full, holding nothing back.

I am not normally a novella fan but this was really enjoyable.

Topic: Bending Bethany by Aria Cole

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