by LA Casey


The is nothing I can say to criticize what is yet another completely glorious Slater brother, but please LA Casey – you tore my heart out with that WTF ending- really you are a cruel woman!

I need Aideen’s story – now please!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what did Kane Slater bring to the table – well, he brought it all and once he did he made sure that everyone knew that he was here to stay.

I loved Kane, but then again I loved Dominic and Alec too but Kane was a different kettle of fish, he is such a complicated man, someone that has been though the sort of pain that a lesser man would have never survived, he loves his brothers beyond reproach but everyone else, is surplus to his emotional requirements, he is polite but he really doesn’t like being around people.

That is until Aideen, because despite their love/hate relationship and the completely hilarious battle of wills that surrounds the two of them, Kane loves Aideen, he just doesn’t know how or why?

The pregnancy question has hung over the whole group since the end of the last book but getting a definitive answer is not immediately obvious, although I think we all had our suspicions that is was Aideen, the sticking point would be how Kane would react.

But before the truth about her pregnancy is actually revealed, they have one other obstacle to overcome, Kane is diagnosed with diabetes but with a morbid fear of needles he is unable to administer his insulin injections, while the others dither about how to handle not only this life saving requirement but also the volatile Kane, Aideen takes the bull by the horns and puts Kane well and truly in his place, she will administer the injections and he will not argue – as if!

Having her around is no hardship for Kane, he likes the challenge she poses to him but once the elephant in the room of her being pregnant is finally revealed, he has a renewed vigour about keeping her around. I loved the bickering between the two of them, they were just so damn entertaining – I cried laughing at the two of them! Their kid is going to be a firecracker for sure.

Aideen and Kane, as a couple - Yes I know what you are thinking but give it time, you will see that this pair really are just glorious together!

He may be an overbearing ass at times but he has good reason, he has suffered so much that it is difficult to for us and Aideen to comprehend when he eventually lets her in on what he has been through.

But while Aideen has an empathy and a heart full of feelings for Kane that seem to grow each and every day, her temper and temperament mean that she just cannot change her ways, this feisty pair really are going to set the world alight.

Aideen may have her best friends hooked up with Slater brothers but she has a whole family of equally as volatile brothers at home to deal with and adding the Slater’s to that mix is not going to be the smartest move she has ever made but one night with Kane and the connection between them is now flesh and blood – she has baby Slater on board and for Kane his impending parenthood is just fantastic news, but the same cannot be said of her father and brothers and after an initially explosive meeting, both families are having to learn to play nicely together.

But it is not her family that pose the immediate threat to either Kane or Aideen and their unborn child, it is a figure from Kane’s painful past that rears its ugly head and has Aideen in his sights in a bid to make Kane suffer just as he has. The man that tormented and tortured him for many years will stop at nothing to avenge his pain and in an act of pure hate and malice, Aideen is not only injured but her life truly is on the line.

With a bigger enemy to hate, Aideen’s family and the Salters have a common cause, to find the man that almost took not only Aideen but her child from them all and no-one is out for revenge more than Kane.

The rest of the brothers and their partners are fairly prominent throughout this book, and at the end we discover that Kane is not the only Slater brother to be anticipating the patter of tiny feet – Dominica and Bronagh are pregnant too.

Ryder is struggling with god knows what and his relationship with Branna is on very shaky ground, but I have everything crossed that they can make it, because I don’t know if my heart could take it if they don’t.

I know that Aideen will get her own book before we hear Ryder’s story but with the unexpected return of the every elusive Damien at the end of the story – I am counting the days !!!!!