New Forever by Yessi Smith

Ok, right off the bat I want to say that since first reading Love, Always last year, Yessi Smith has been a sure fire go to author for me because when it come so putting emotion on a page she is up there with the best in the business.

In this New Forever we get Hayley’s story and while it is a standalone novel, you may find that it is a good idea to read Love, Always because the stories sort of run in tandem.

Hayley is a complete firecracker who has little cause for convention and whose life is a colourful as she is. I adored the fact that she was completely unique, full of life and the sort of person that makes the world just glow around her. I felt for her in such a way that I wanted her to be happy and was almost obliged to read with my fingers crossed.

Hayley was tied up with Max and their story was so fantastic that I think it will stay with me for a long time, I was so caught in their story that I felt at times as if I could physically hear my heart breaking. They experienced such pain that I could feel it seeping into my soul and the further I read  the more I longed for the two of them to begin to heal and for their lives to start to turn the corner that I was hanging out for.

The connection that they shared was not only painful for them but as a reader I found it painful to read but I understood that in order to fight the light that they were fighting for they had to travel through the darkness first. It is that journey that touched me so much, and it is the quality of the storytelling that will blow your socks off because Yessi Smith has again done what she does best – knocked it out of the ball park!

Jam packed with every emotion possible, New Forever will take you on an incredible journey with some truly remarkable characters and will show you what it takes to find the real you, the one that you know you are on the inside but that life and hardship tries its best to keep hidden, a quest to accept the real you that the world deserves to see and that given the time and support that you can unleash.

Unconditionally and unapologetically intense, this will beat you along the way but Max and Hayley will sooth your soul by the time it comes to say goodbye.

I have no doubt that Yessi Smith has much more to give and I hope that we get some more of her amazing characters in the not too distant future because this emotionally astute author is carving a niche for herself that few others are able to compete with.