Baller Made

by Rie Warren

Wow, what a send-off!!!  This was the perfect way to sign off from what has been a fabulous series.

Reggie has always been a part of Malone brothers lives, first as their friend and eventually as partner and wife of Chris.

Calder hid his feeling for her from his brother and watched as the two most important people in his life set out on a future together, one that they hoped would have it all but that in the end was so cruelly cut short not emotionally by the time they spent apart but eventually by the most tragic accident that resulted in the fact that nothing they had hoped for would ever come to fruition.

But it wasn’t only Reggie’s life that changed that day, Calder’s life was never ever going to be the same and his standard coping mechanism of drugs and alcohol only added to his misery because when he ends up getting kicked off the team, and almost out of the league. He quickly has to face up to the fact that having already lost his brother, does he really want to throw away everything he has worked so hard to achieve too?

As hard as it is to accept that the team can go on without him, he has no intension of letting losing it all come to fruition, he is ready to face his demons head on and if he has to work his tail off to get his life back on track and his spot in the NFL back...well, let the hard work begin! I liked that the author made a point of showing that even at your lowest you can still get your life back on track but that noting comes easy…she made him graft!!

By the time Reggie almost elbows her way back into his life, he is doing well with his new team but he is still estranged from his family and while he is pleased that Reggie is back in his life, he hates himself for how he feels about her. I wanted to shake him, honestly, I was beyond frustrated, I’m not saying I didn’t understand but he was wasting time being miserable when he could have been happy with the only woman that he had ever actually loved, and it isn’t until he reconnects with his family that he finally sees that his family want nothing more than him to be happy and if that means with Reggie…then so be it!!

Superb read, well written this is a super smart.

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