Strike Fear

by Beth Rhodes

There is so much that is super in this book that it would take me far too long to get it all down in this review, so I am going to say what I really have to get across how much I loved the book and pray that you will read it for yourself.

Tancredo Byrne, aka as Tan works for Hawk Security, taking care of the Personal Safety Division and say whatever you want about Tan, once you get to know him, you will see that he is a glorious human being, I adored him!

Elizabeth Whitney is used to having it all at her feet, not that I am saying that in a bad way, she has worked hard to be the best she can be but her family wealth means that she has been a woman that has known little hardship growing up. But emotionally she wears the scars of a particularly painful breakup and because of that she has a tough time taking people at face value, trust is earned and those around her have to work hard to ingratiate themselves to her. She is wary of who she allows into her close inner circle.

But once Tan was on the scene things might just turn a different corner, because this was a guy that she could but trust with not only her life but her heart too.

So what about the story, well I think you could probably guess the direction the story and the characters were always going to be head in…this is a bodyguard story after all ladies but what will grab you by the lapels is the intensity of the events that surround them as the drama unfolds.

Strike Fear is the perfect title for the book because there was a powerfully dramatic and mysterious undertone that wove its way around every strand of the story, the drama was so intense and just when I thought I had it worked out my assumptions were blown out of the water.

Absolutely loved this!

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