To Have and to Hold

by Arell Rivers

I haven’t read a good rocker story in what seems like forever so when this one crossed my path I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

I found the characters were ones that I were easy to get to know, they author’s writing style was one the sucked me right in and the angst kept me hooked.

Rose still hasn’t woken up after the accident and despite the fact that his heart is in that room with Rose, he has little choice but to head back out on the road, the tour still has to go ahead but when he gets word that she is finally awake, he never could have dreamed that she would have no idea who he was or worst of all that she was afraid of him.

I felt for him, he wanted to protect her and keep her safe, after all there was still a stalker on the loose and she definitely still appeared to have a target on her back… would they be able to make it over the hurdles they are facing and keep what they have intact?

No matter how much she may have wanted to push him away her heart knew that he wasn’t the bad guy that her head was telling her and she just couldn’t fight the way she felt and I fully understood why, he was just what she needed and for him she was the missing piece in his life, the person that made him the man he wanted to be.

I loved the emotional content that the author was able to invest in the story, but don’t worry it has more than that going on.  There are pockets of absolutely perfectly placed humour and even better the sensual scenes between the two of them were super sexy.

A great story that will not leave you disappointed, this is one rocker and his woman that I was delighted to spend some time with.

Topic: To Have and to Hold by Arell Rivers

Date: 28/04/2017

By: Arell Rivers

Subject: Thanks!

I am so thrilled that you enjoyed Rose and Cole's story! Thank you for sharing such kind words!

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