by Andi Jaxon & AJ Alexander


If you’re looking for something to raise your temperature, then this M/F/F read might just be the book for you. I’ve read quite a few ménage books, but this was my first where it was the one guy and two women.
Amber and Avery had a bond that was as close as any two could possibly imagine, not only twins but absolutely in tune with what they need to make them tick. And in this story, the catalyst for their happiness was Charlie, a military man that after one taste of what life with the twin tornadoes could be like, knew that once was never going to be enough.
I would implore you to read this with an open mind , the relationship between the girls isn’t at all what you may think it would be and if you had any inkling of just how steamy their connection may be, you might just have to re-evaluate because these authors took the heat factor to a whole new level, and if I am being honest at times I wasn’t sure that wasn’t a tad too much.
I thought the authors wrote each character beautifully, giving them each their own foibles, and taking pains to ensure that they showed what each of them as individuals brought to a unique situation.  I must admit that though that for me Charlie stole the show.
A creative read, the pace was at times was a little pushy but nothing that distracted from the story.
If you like your reads hot enough to singe your fingertips, then this is the one for you.

Topic: Love by Andi Jaxon & AJ Alexander

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