by Skye Warren

Book two of the Modern Fairy Tale Duet, this is everything you didn’t know you needed!

The continuation of Blake and Erin’s story that brings everything to a momentous conclusion.

Although I will say, be prepared to curse at the maliciousness that is the b**ch Melinda, I could have wrung her neck! She is a spiteful witch of a woman.

Faced with an impossibly difficult decision, Blake feels has if he has no option but to put shelve his wants and put Erin to the fore, he has to ensure that she is protected and the only way he can see to do that is to call a halt to their relationship. Now I got why but that doesn’t mean that I agreed, I wanted more for the two of them and the fact that they were forced into a situation that wasn’t what anyone wanted was harsh.

Blake was pragmatic about it all and Erin had plenty of other things going on in her life to keep her mind busy but that doesn’t mean that either of them would find it easy to move past what they had…or would they?

A telling tale of a love lost, and a life lived with a new perspective. They had it all only to gave it slip through their fingers…but was it forever? Well that you will have to read for yourself

A superb conclusion to the series, it was full of twists and turns, a story that was totally edge of the seat stuff.

Topic: FALLING FOR THE BEAST by Skye Warren

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