Jagger by MJ FIelds and Chelsea Camaron

First of all, I have to give praise to the authors for tackling the subject of domestic abuse, this is a silent plague that needs all the help it to shake of the shroud of secrecy that does nothing but continue to allow the abhorrence to fester.

Jagger is the youngest of the Caldwell brothers, the baby brother with a heart of gold, the fighter who has something to fight for.

I loved the determination with which he is drive to protect Tatiana took over, from the minute he laid eye son her being subjected to yet another beating from her father, keeping her safe is all that mattered to him.

She was the subject of her father’s merciless torment and the parts of this story that were told from her [point of view especially were very moving.

Jagger and the rest of the Caldwell clan were able to show her the true meaning of what it is like to be family, she meant something to them for nothing other than the fact that she meant everything to Jagger.

This was a story of looking after what matters at all costs, of taking care of the those that you love and to fighting to give those that are unable to fight back a helping hand, because once they see that they are worth more they are then able to stand up for themselves.

I loved Jagger and Tatiana but I had a small problem with the story, I think it was a little rushed. I would have liked a little more time with the two of them, time to really explore what they were not only building but also why.

They had an endless capacity to show what it takes to survive and to embrace not only who you are but those that truly love you. I just think that was played short somehow.

Topic: Jagger by MJ FIelds and Chelsea Camaron

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