The Light House by Jason Luke

Jason Luke… delivers and masterclass in love and romance in this one of the most beautiful books I have read so far this year.

The author takes you on a passionate and poignant journey with two characters that will take your breath away.

Blake and Connie just make my heart melt- Blake has a depth to him that had me querying how and when he was going to wake up and see all the good that surrounded him, I feared that his darkness was going to allow Connie to slip right through his fingers.

Connie on the other hand has her own issues to deal with and a violent past that she is trying hard to continue to elude.

But the connection between the two of them left me breathless and part of that was because I wanted them both to have a happiness that they so deserved.

I felt that Jason Luke gave me a gloriously descriptive, powerfully emotive, sensual love story that was as rich as it was enriching and I do feel as if I have been well and truly schooled in the true meaning love.