His to Cherish

by Stacey Lynn

Oh dear lord, this hit hard from the outset and despite my internal pleading for a what I thought was going to happen to miraculously disappear I was left in unchartered territory, adrift, bereft and emotionally distraught!

Beset by the most powerful and unforgiving of emotions, Chelsea and Aidan are mired in a grief that was totally palpable. This their story, was so chock full of emotion that at times, I had to step away, lay my kindle down and head for not only a glass of wine but a tissue.

An attraction that they had long since denied was ready to flicker back to life when they were both least expecting it, when their lives were packed with a level of pain that only living with loss can bring. But when they could no longer face fighting, not only their feelings but their situations alone, they gravitated towards each other in an almost reflex action.

But life doesn’t always give us what we need, it may provide a temporary rest bite but reality is still outside the window no matter how hard you wish otherwise and that was very much the case for both Chelsea and Aidan. I felt they wanted the world to just leave them be but instead it shook them by the shoulders and forced them to man up, deal with the necessities and in doing so deal with their feelings…all of them! By facing the inevitable, they could not only face each other but also face themselves in the mirror each morning.

This was a far from easy route for the author to take, it took some hard topics and tackled them head on. It dealt with emotion at its most vulnerable and volatile and did so with an intensely forgiving and sensitive manner. With elements of doubt and emotional turmoil dotted throughout the story this is a solid read, one not to be taken lightly but certainly not one to be ignored.

Beautifully written and disarmingly accurate, this took grief in all its guises and showed that it is possible to move on.

Hearts heal no matter how long, you just have to be prepared to face the mirror each morning!