Unblocked Episode One by Marni Mann

I am completely new to Marni Mann and her work but I have to say that with this being part one of a five part series – I will certainly be no stranger to her from now on.

The Timber Towers series gets off to a flying start because this is a cracker of an introduction.

Frankie Jordan is making it big in a man’s world – fighting her way up the ladder at her families’ business, she lives to work. She oozes confidence that doesn’t appear to travel all the way to her core, she has learnt the hard way both professional and personally that life is tough, she’s been on the receiving end of an ex who despite the good looks and intensions , left her nursing a broken heart. So when she sets eyes on Derek Block – her interest is peeked in a way that has her giving due consideration to why this man that is the complete opposite to what she would normally look for in a man has her blood racing, or is that the whole point – he may not be what she would want but he could just be what she needs!!

Derek Block is more than a little rough around the edges – but appearances can be deceptive and while this sexy as sin man thinks nothing of saying it like it is, he has hidden depths, and there are just some things that he isn’t prepared to show the world, just yet. He is the epitome of charm and confidence but his cards are very much being held close to his chest.

The attraction between Derek and Frankie is downright primal, there is a baser need that just cannot be denied but I have to say that the author did an amazing job at the inference that she deployed, leaving the path for the fanning of the flames in the upcoming novels. The heat and sexual tension between the two of them just smoulders off the page.

I really don’t want to give too much away about the plot of the book because as a short novella series it won’t help you in the end, you really should take some time for yourself and read this book – you will not be disappointed.

The plot sweeps along at a sharp pace but that is not to say that the content or character is neglected because this is one very precise, sharp piece of writing. It is cleverly constructed, passionate and demonstrates that the author is more than willing to tease us with the big things she has in store for both Frankie and Derek

This book is both dramatic and addictive, I cannot wait to have a little bit more from this pair and to see where the rest of the story goes.