Forsaken Control by Sapphire Knight


If you love an MC book then I have one thing to tell you about this book and that is… buy it now!

And why, because Sapphire Knight has brought to the table a book that just should not be missed.

It has everything you could possibly want and …then some!

An opportunity to indulge in a seriously sexy escape with Avery, 2 Piece and Ares.

The author doesn’t hide the love that there is between Avery and 2 Piece, she celebrates what they mean to each other but there is more, they need more and when Ares steps up to make his feelings clear, what will the couple do?

Can they turn their backs on him, a man that loves them both or will they address what is going on in their lives and find a way to welcome in a love that is being given unconditionally.

The relationship between them is lustful, smoulderingly erotic and I just could not get enough.

The disclosure of the relationship, detailed against the background of the MC is a stroke of genius because the club brings its own issues and prejudices to the fore. It shows that no matter how safe you think you are, life within the club means that what you have can never be taken for granted.

But when the secrets are unearthed, justice for the misdeeds must be exacted.

I loved the whole club dynamic, the mystery that was entwined around the core of a relationship that was the epitome of what it means to love and be loved, to accept that love doesn’t come in a ready fit mould, that what works for some will not work for others.

A definition of love from start to finish, this is a story that I loved from start to finish. I loved the fact that it took a situation and introduced it to the most macho of circles, into a brotherhood where an “old lady” is effectively property and where you stand tall and stand together for those you love more than life itself, in whatever guise that takes.

A superb read

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