Both of Her by Alisa Mullins and Kathy Coopmans


This is nothing like I thought it would be- it was way more!!!

You really should read this book because it is one that you will not be able to stop telling all you friends about – it is that good.

So singing its praises may come easy but what is it about it that has me (and a whole hoard of others) so hot under the collar?

Well good books, are as we all know the ones that you turn the last page thinking –Oh, I liked that and then immediately start to flick through the library looking for what to read next, barely taking moment to recall the merits of the work that has captivated your attention for however long it took to read but is now so easily discarded.

Great books, like this one refuse to let you just brush them aside, they continue to plague you for as long as possible until they get their wicked way and you start skimming through again or if you are like me you do that naughty – re-read!

This is, make no mistake a great book!

Luca’s dual identity was intriguing and her decisions clear cut.

Until the inevitable occasion when both sides of her life come crashing together.

Honestly this woman has it all and she has it is bucket loads, and you as a reader will both love and hate her in equal measure but you will not be able to tear yourself away from the events that unfold.

I loved the surprises that were thrown in along the way, the twists that popped up to keep me on my toes and the challenges that Luca/Lucia brought to the table – as a character, she was superb.

But when the final piece drops into place – you will be gobsmacked – yes, definitely didn’t see that coming!!!!

Topic: Both of Her by Alisa Mullins and Kathy Coopmans

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