Oxygen Deprived by Lani Lynn Vale

Drew surprised me, I wasn’t sure what shape his story would take but yet again Lani Lynn Vale knocked it out the park.

Aspen was fabulous, a spitfire of a woman who is currently under house arrest as punishment for the destruction she took justification on reigning down on the truck of her cheating a$$ of an ex. He was lucky that it was an inanimate object that she decided to beat the c**p out of, had it been him, well I’m not sure he would have been able to show his face, as desperate as her actions were, it could have been much worse, I actually think she held her fury well.

I found myself smiling at her completely understandable righteous indignation and settled fairly quickly to the fact that I was going to adore Aspen, her heart was very much in the right place even if she didn’t seem to have a verbal filter.

So, as much as I was content in the company of this fabulous woman, when Drew entered the fray I was done for.

Still married but desperately trying to finalise a divorce, Drew lives opposite Aspen and is completely enamoured by her, she fascinates him but is that enough to have him changing his mind about whether or not his future contains enough room to invite her in, after all his crazy a** ex and his belligerent teenage daughter is piling on him, he just might not be in the right place at the minute.

Inevitably they strike up a friendship that was only ever destined to head one way and I have to say that once I saw how they embraced her product testing, I knew they are in it for the long haul, I giggled my butt off at the two of them once I knew what she was reviewing!

They complemented each other perfectly, they each had their issues to resolve with their ex’s – hers was as much of an idiot as his was and as irritating as it was to have to take time to deal with others and their petty games, all of that was almost secondary when it became clear that there was another threat entering the frame, and it was coming from much closer to home.

The author worked her usual magic when she inserted this unforeseen element of danger, and even though I thought I had it sussed, I was knocked for six when it came from a source I hadn’t expected!

Did I love the book- Yes.

Is it my favourite- Oh, now that is an impossible question because to be honest picking which one of her guys is my favourite would be like picking my favourite child, impossible.

But what I do know is that when it comes to likeability, Drew and Aspen will be hard to beat.

Topic: Oxygen Deprived by Lani Lynn Vale

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