Legend by Katy Evans

I am team Remy all the way and I that is never going to change, so when I read the blurb and saw that this was the final book in the series, I can only say that I was left with my heart in my mouth because while I can revisit him anytime I want, I was not nor will I ever be ready to say goodbye to Remington “Riptide” Tate.

But with all that said, Katy Evans… woman you broke me because not only did you give my main man the opportunity to flex his formidable personality yet again but you brought a young pretender to the mix and while my heart was true, this sneaky little sucker has burrowed his way in!

Maverick 'the Avenger' Cage, damn you are nothing like I would have ever imagined but heck you have the heart of a champion and I loved you for that.

Maverick was a man on a mission and I really got why he was the way he was, but his focus on Remy and exacting his revenge and that had my nerves tingling.

The struggle he had to find a trainer, someone willing to take him on, someone willing to just stand in his corner was heart-breaking, I could have reached into my kindle and hugged him, his solitude made me really sad because my heart wanted him to be happy.

The author wrote his story in such a way as to give me the reader a peak under his rather impressive skin into the heart of a man that sought little in life but acceptance and who found it in the most unlikely of places.

Single minded and single handed, he lays his plan forth and nothing will deter him, but that does not mean that he is impervious to the fact that when no-one paid him any mind, when he was a stranger with nothing to give…one woman uttered three simple words that changed his opportunities and gave him the help he needed when he needed it most… when Reese said “He’s with me” it meant everything to him.

Maverick is a passionate man, both in and out of the ring, he devotes himself to everything he wants and needs and in his mind he needs to prove he is the best…he needs to be a Legend! But to do that he needs to beat Remy, the main man, he has to make it to the final and he has to show the world that he is not his father, he is better than that.

While I didn’t hate Maverick, I was wary with the fact that he was gunning for Remy, I wanted to really, really dislike him, but I couldn’t and when I got to 41% in and he whispered “Please let it be me” in Reese’s ear, I was a goner, he was Remy re-incarnated – I had my Iris moment all over again and I wept, a sensitive caring man that the world looked at with fear but yet harboured a heart that was so kind and so loving.

I needed both Remy and Maverick to be ok, but how that was even going to be possible had me perplexed and my loyalties divided but heck I should have known that Remy would come to my rescue, because knowing that his time in the ring was coming to an end, he gave Maverick more than just a reason to fight, he gave him friendship.

In his own inimitable style, he made sure that when the time came for their showdown it would be one that the world would talk about for years to come.

Remy not only left the ring as a Legend but he left a new one there too...

I haven’t said much about Reese but that is not because I didn’t like her, I did.

Sure she was no Brooke Dumas but she was a strong woman facing her own fight to find the woman she wanted to be, little did she know that she would also find a man that would love and adore her…that she would soothe “The Avenger” and be the keeper of this heart, because without doubt the passion they shared was special, just like the relationship that blossomed and grew between Remy and Brooke.

Oh and add Racer any my heart just melted!

I have wept since reading the epilogue knowing that my time with this series is now over, and just typing these words have me in tears again…I just can’t believe this is goodbye, but what a way to go.

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