Perfectly Flawed

by J and L Wells

This book falls into a very rare category, it is better than the first and I have to say I didn’t actually think that would have been possible because book one was fabulous.

Any way as this is the continuation of Gabriel and Natasha story, so please ensure that you have read Perfect Imperfections first.

Their lives have taken a new direction and in many respects, it is one that should make them the happiest they have ever been but not everything is as it should be for the pair of them and they find themselves facing a mountain of uncertainty and in its wake, a plethora of problems that if they don’t navigate carefully, will have the capacity to derail everything they have been working towards.

I thought the authors were very articulate with their descriptions of what exactly was going on and how those events were driving a wedge between the two of them, they had to face some harsh truths but in order to get to where they needed to be they also had to learn to pull in the same direction…instead of allowing every single minute detail to blow up in their faces and drive them apart.

For as much as I can say that I loved Natasha and Gabriel, I can honestly say that I thoroughly disliked Josh, Natasha’s ex.  

He had his place in the story, yes, I get that but he got on my nerves and while I knew that they couldn’t turn their back on his offer, I also knew that his offer was not made without ulterior motives. He knew that his presence was going to bring a whole new level of complication to the two of them and for me that was distasteful…but deviously clever on the part of the authors.

So, with the hurdles that continue to mount, can Gabriel and Natasha navigate their new lives and find a happy ever after or will their misery continue?

Fantastically well written this is a book not to be missed.

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