Manwhore +1 by Katy Evans


I have a Malcolm Kyle Preston Logan Saint impression well and truly embedded in my soul – the man has left a mark that I think I will struggle to recover from.

The end of Manwhore left we with a WTF feeling and I have been lusting after this book for longer than I ever considered humanly possible – honestly it has been tough but good things come to those who wait and like a good girl I have been rewarded, because Mr Saint is far more than saintly, the man is a god – a GOD ladies!!!!!

My heart broke for both Malcolm and Rachel at the end of the first book, Rachel had a man she had both loved and lost and Malcolm had, had something that he had never experienced before, he had and then lost the only woman that he had ever actually wanted to have a relationship with, he was completely wounded and like the alpha man that he is he, he circled the wagons and did what the world expected from him but it wasn’t what he wanted, he wanted his woman, the one that the world at large thinks doesn’t deserve him.

But they don’t understand and as much as he tries neither can he.

She owes this man, mind, body and soul and he knows it but can he accept it?

They spend four torturous weeks apart before Malcolm issued an invitation for him to his office – he had a proposition for her?

The time they had spent apart was killing them both, they were suffering so much, going through the motions and struggling to see the world for anything other than what the last 4 weeks had been for them both…empty without each other in it.

The journey back to each other was one that needed them both to take a leap of faith.

It needed them both to accept what they had was worth fighting for and to understand that the world could be damned, that rumour and innuendo was for them to rubbish and ridicule.

Malcolm has always lived his life in the glare of the media but can he finally accept that they do not have the final say on whom he gives his heart too?

Neither does he really, because his heart has someone in mind already – he just has to make it work!

Rachel was so broken by what she had done to Malcolm, she loved him but she also understood that his mistakes could only be undone by her, she had to piece his heart back together and that was only fair since she had been the one to break him in the first place.

She needed him back in her life and was willing to whatever she had to, to let him see that she was sorry.

She buckled up and stood tall, prepared to fight everything and everyone – including Malcolm to get what she wanted and that was her man- her sin. She wanted to make it clear that as much as the world at large saw him as the powerful, ruthless businessman, she saw him as something else, something that could be summed up in one word – HERS!

And this time she called Dibs!!!!

I completely fell in love with Malcolm Saint in this book, I know that may sound odd because I adored him in the first book but in this he really was the most captivating man, he was so strong, so dynamic, so possessive and demanding but on the other hand he was so insecure, so naïve, so completely in love but so totally out of his depth! He had not one single clue what to do with the feelings that consumed him, it was so lovely to read this glorious man being so wary of the way he felt about Rachel.

Katy Evans gave us a real man and showed for all those lesser mortals out there that life can be hard but when it happens it happens and love can call Dibs at any time … you just have to go with the flow!

The way the two of them took their tentative steps to what was always destined to be the most amazing happy ever after was written to absolute perfection.

They embraced what they had and took the “firsts” that they were able to share together and built a relationship that neither hell nor high water would ever be able to sweep from under them.

Their rocky start served its purpose because those rocks were laid to rest and gave them the foundation on which to build their future

I devoured every word on every page and I after having finished the book a few days ago now – I have to say that they still make my heart swoon and that is something that I will always want in my life, so on that note… I have one word….Dibs!!