Santini Series Collection

by Leslie Pike

I read this as a series, back to back to get full effect and I will say that I am glad I did, I think I would have found waiting in between releases almost impossible.

The author is new to me, so I was relieved found her style was one that I took to straight way, there was a relaxed ease about the dialogue, the characters were so easy to engage with, they were funnier than I had initially anticipated but that tempered with a sizzle that just fluttered its way across the pages was enough to have me rooted to the spot.

For the sake of this review I will do a snapshot of what I thought on each book but overall, I would say that I thoroughly enjoyed the series, it was wonderfully written and had just the right mix of characterisation to make the stories enthralling


Destiny Laughs – Book One

There wasn’t much not to love about Nash, This widowed sexy single father was definitely the type of man that any woman would have no problem paying attention too, and he certainly had no issue attracting admirers but his son Noah came first in his busy life and he wasn’t looking for anything or anyone long term in his life, he has enough to deal with being a parent and running a busy Veterinary practice but his life was thrown a curve ball when he encountered a distraught woman at the surgery. Because something about her had him more than a little intrigued.

Farrah wasn’t looking for complications, nope she was looking forward to a fresh start – somewhere away from St Helena a town that she has felt hemmed in by for the last 6 years. She sacrificed her career when her folks started to experience ill health and she has returned home to look after them and she has done so with absolute diligence but now they have both passed away she is ready to pack and sell up. Now, it is time for her, and she is more than ready to kick start the next phase of her life but when an unexpected incident puts her in the crosshairs of the town’s vet – she may have to rethink her plans because leaving town and leaving Nash behind might juts not be an option…you will need to read it for yourself to find out what happens but be prepared to both laugh and cry, because their story is fabulous.


Destiny Plays – Book Two

My favourite of the three books – Christos and Kate gave me everything.

Their meeting was less than auspicious, but it didn’t matter because what was to follow was just the start of so much more! Their chemistry was off the scale and no matter how much it might have appeared that they were fighting against the inevitable, the author was super creative with the angst that surrounded the pair of them, Kate had issues that threatened to derail her happiness, or at least that is what I felt – after all who wouldn’t be a very happy camper with a guy like Christos hot on your tail!

Could this sexy couple find a way to happiness, or would they let something magical slip through their fingers…I hoped not!



Destiny Shines – Book Three

I think I might have said this earlier but darn it woman how on earth do you keep pulling these guys out of thin air – I was bowled over by Nash, blown away by Christos and now…. OMG it’s Nikos, the guy has his own gravitational pull, he is awesome.

I love a bad boy, so, you totally had me with that side of his personality – but when it started to become clear that he was so much more than a one trick pony, I swooned!

I could absolutely get on board with the fact that he knew that wherever he was, totally owned a room and everything in it and when it comes to Jenny… she was most definitely in his room!!

But they were poles apart in almost everything but so in tune where it mattered, but would Nikos change his life to be with her? Would she see that the connection between them was meant to be?

There were questions and twists that were unexpected but this pair had a fire that burnt between them that could have literally set my kindle alight.


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