The Absolution of Aidan

by Kathy Coopmans


So this is book three in the series and in my opinion, it should be read as part of the series, after all it is in there for a reason.

If you can you should read books one and two, believe me it is no hardship they are great stories but by reading them I think that you will get much needed back history, the past characters and the story dynamics and those aspects will help you to get the most out of this book and you will definitely want to get the most out of this book, especially the relationship and connection between Aidan and Deidre, much of which is present in book two.

At the start of the story, Aidan is using ever means possible to try to forget Deidre, and no matter what, alcohol, women, it doesn’t matter she is in his blood, nothing works and after a year you would have thought he would have been able to move on…nup, not happening and by the time he actually sees her and discovers her secret, I was sure that he would have drunken himself into oblivion.

I honestly thought that being a parent, never mind being a good parent was never on the cards for him, but I would kick my own butt if I could because he totally blew me away.

Not only was he thrilled at his sudden parenthood but he wasn’t afraid to show just what it meant to him…as his tears fell so did mine.

Aidan the personification of what it meant to be a proud father, he laid is emotions out for all to see and I was swept away by this sexy man and the passion he had not only for his child but the woman that he loved, he may have considered that he didn’t do romance but with Deidre, he knew no limits, the way he was and the words he spoke were able to convey a depth of meaning that made my heart swoon and brought tears to my eyes.

Deidre, well what a hellcat! She held nothing back, a beautiful woman with so much love to give and after the past she had endured, I wanted her to be happy and knew that Aidan was the man to bring her that happiness, he would stop at nothing to it so.

They are so passionate, so intense that their story smoulders, the passion that Kathy pours into them seeps its way from the story into your soul, you can’t help but lose some of your reasoning, I enjoyed the element of suspense that also permeated their lives, and it added another dimension.

Cannot wait for the next book!!!

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