Classic by Xavier Neal

Not happening Xavier, no way!!

You can’t be serious woman, I am totally a Logan Kellar woman and now you have just gone and added another of your badass boys into the mix.

Jeez, Merrick McCoy… really Xavier you are seriously dangerous to my emotional wellbeing!!

I love everything that this author has ever written but this is pretty damn special (I am keeping my Logan fetish under wraps here for the purpose of this review, but it is hard to not feel torn!)

I have to admit that Merrick and his sexy assed brothers really are something else… add in a love interest that you just know is going to end up in a whole heap of trouble and this was a story that is destined to have me wrapped around my kindle, right up until the very last word.

So who do we have … well, Merrick and his brothers are racers, street racers to be more precise and they don’t exactly ply their trade on the right side of the law, but what does that matter when they are the best at what they do. And then you have Jovi, so far over on the right side of the law that she is straining on the leash to break free from the vice like grip that her very own long arm of the law has on her life, she is desperate to cut loose from her father the Police Commissioner.

Ready to step out and find her way in the world, she is just starting to dip her toe into the big bad world when her experimentation may just come to a crashing halt because she has met the formidable Merrick.

The connection was one of those that dreams are made of in an instant, just add hot water moment… and being together may just land the two of them in very hot water indeed.

Now I loved Merrick, the man with attitude, the love them and leave them guy that was just what I would have hoped his character would have been but what blew me away was the speed with which he changed his tune when Jovi came on the scene.

This man really did have to learn that things worth having were worth working and waiting for. He had to take his time and show this innocent girl that she was what he wanted and he would do what it took to get her.

But can they survive the pressure that their circumstances have placed upon them, can they ride the storm that is Jovi’s father and together can they finally reach the chequered flag and prove that they have what it takes to stay the course.

Ladies, let Merrick start your engines and get you revved up because this series is going to be one hell of a ride.