Chaos by C A Harms

CA Harms is quickly becoming an author that I will drop everything to read, if a new story hits my kindle I am a tortured mess until I can actually turn the front page and get stuck in.

I enjoyed the first book lies, and this picks up straight of the bat, Josh is in hiding and his family and Gabby and mourning that man they lost.

It is killing him slowly to be away from the woman he loves but he knows that coming out of hiding is putting everyone at risk and that is something he is not prepared to risk but a man can only withstand so much and when Gabby’s secrets are unveiled and his life is impacted in a way he had never considered his anxiety is ramped up to a limit that he never thought possible, he has more than love to get back too, he has blood.

I love the way that Gabby and her sisters interact, the family ties that she has formed with Josh’s sister and father. The fact that she is doing everything she can to keep her head high even though her heart is broken.

Josh was just so, Josh I suppose, impatient but passionate. He was determined to get his life back but knew that Frank and Leo stood in his way.

When the mystery surrounding Frank comes to light I was blown away, I actually didn’t see that coming but what about Leo, where is he?

Just how much of a threat is he to them anymore?

Well, I think in the next book we are going to find out!!!

This is a book that I could not put down, nor did I want too, I only hold out hope that the journey I see for them all towards their happy ever afters is the same picture that the author has in her head, because I really, really need this to pan out the way my heart is telling me or I actually think that CA Harms may succeeded in breaking me.


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