by Sawyer Bennett


Do not judge a book by its cover, please because while I am not implying that the handsome specimen that graces the cover is not a feast for the eyes, I just didn’t think that he was the vision I had in my head for the twenty something sexy as sin Hawke. He looked too old…sorry.

I’ve become a complete w**re when it comes to hockey stories, I have absolutely no first-hand experience but boy do I love these guys.

So on to the book, what is it that gets the motor running?

Hawke and Vale had spent years together all through High School but just before he was ready to get his big break and join the NHL, what they have is snatched away from him, and I say that because Vale really whipped the rug from under him when she called time on what they had.

She broke his soul and I could have wrung her neck!

Years later, Hawke is blindsided by Vale again when she turns up on the medical team at Cold Fury.

I didn’t know if this really was a second chance story that I was going to enjoy because I didn’t want to give Vale that opportunity and I suppose that is because I didn’t want to give her the opportunity to break him again.

I thought Vale was calculating, she knew that Cold Fury was Hawkes team, but she joined the team anyway, hoping that she would be able to ride the wave of emotion that she knew she would feel and be able to keep her distance from Hawke…silly woman!

It was inevitable that they would have to confront the emotions that surround the two of them and in order to move forward they would have to deal with the past but could they do that and survive or would bringing up their past just litter their future with more pain.

I didn’t like the fact that Vale continued to keep things from Hawke, I wanted her to be more open, I like the two of them together but I think that Vale tempered my enthusiasm somewhat.

Topic: Hawke by Sawyer Bennett

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