Hold Me Until Forever by Christina Phillips

There is something about this author that just keeps on pulling me in.

While I have enjoyed the Grayson Brothers so far but I’ve been itching to read Alex’s story.

Because dang stick a sex club in the plot and I am ignoring the world until I have finished!

As expected this is a full on assault and I have to say that it needed to be.

The story is blisteringly hot. It is chock full of everything that I could possibly wanted and the author didn’t waste a single word.

The activities that take place within the confines of the club are handled with taste and diplomacy – they are not overtly salacious but they are certainly not sanitised.

The book is Alex’s story as you are perfectly well aware but the other half of his equation is Ella Clark.

Ella has loved Alex for longer than she is probably willing to admit, since school he has been her unattainable desire and no matter how many clues she drops they have never been on the same page, despite the fact that his feelings for her are just as strong.

But when Alex asks her to accompany him to his club Excalibur, I was whooping as finally they were getting somewhere.

Life the co-owner of a BDSM club is more of a sanity saver than it might appear. Alex has a past that means that the club is the only place that he feels safe enough to completely drop the reigns, to just be who he needs to be not who the world expects to see and by including Ella in this aspect of his world, he is showing her just how important she is to him.

Will Ella feel the same? Will she understand the security that the club gives to him?

Ella and Alex are a fabulous couple, they are strong characters, each with their own foibles but that only makes them all the easier to relate too. The take their time to develop as a couple and that is something I really enjoyed, I like to see them take the tentative steps towards embracing the fact that they are destined to be together.

There are a few kickers that I didn’t see coming but the author was able to keep a secrets or two well hidden…bravo!


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