Catching Summer

by LP Dover


This was more than I had anticipated, it hid its secrets well and at times I thought it was a little too hesitant to give them up.

I liked the fact that there was more to this than just the romance element, there was mystery and intrigue, deceit and darkness.

Two years have passed since Summer suffered the loss of her husband, and she is only just beginning to find her way but can she?

She made good on her husband’s dream when she opened her restaurant after he passed away but she jumped at the opportunity that her best friend Kate’s impending maternity leave opened up for her. A chance to do a little more, a chance of scenery so to speak and as such she stepped up and took on the temporary role as nurse with the Carolina Cougars.

Evan Townsend is a player, in every sense of the word, but it was all becoming a little stale for him, he was ready to move on with his life but having set his sights on Summer, he is perfectly well aware that this is a delicate path he is about to step on, because while he has been on the periphery of her existing social circle in as much as he is the friend of a friend.

This sexy sports star is almost done being a bystander in her life.

It’s time to step up to the plate and get his woman.

Now I liked the fact that he knew her past and had respected her need to grieve and to almost find herself again but when she joins the team staff, he can’t be around her and do nothing.

But there are forces surrounding them that are willing to take drastic measures to prove their point, no matter what that point is and who gets hurt in the process. But just who has an axe to grind and why?

The story had almost everything I could have wanted, it was well written and descriptive, it was a story well woven but in some respects it travelled a path that has been well worn.

Topic: Catching Summer by LP Dover

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