Sing to Me by Jeffrey Rivera

Cody White is in a band.

He is the stereotype rock star, gorgeous, footloose and fancy free, sleeping with as many groupies as he can.

That is until he meets Emma Lohan.

She doesn't fall at his feet like all the other girls, making him work for her.

He knows he has met the girl he wants to be with for the rest of his life, now he just has to convince her.

His best friend and bandmate is not convinced.

All he sees is a distraction that is going to break up the band and for a while it does.

The 2 are totally in love and with her grandmothers blessing, they get married.

Cody feels like a loser though when they spend most of their time living off noodles as they can't even afford food.

He wants to provide for the girl he loves.

Angry at the situation he makes a mistake that almost costs him everything.

Lost and alone, he drifts back to the band and they finally start to come good but to Cody it means nothing without Emma by his side.

When they reunite, they know they can't live without one another and promise never to be apart again.

Just as the band gets the big break they have always wanted, tragedy strikes and Cody is forced to choose.

The career he longed for his whole life or the woman who has become his everything.

What the author writes at the end of chapter 23 almost made me ugly cry......

It was evil and pure genius all rolled in to one.

I absolutely love this authors work and this was another example of why.

A well written short story that will leave you knowing the true meaning of love.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sue x

Topic: Sing to Me by Jeffrey Rivera

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