Sinful Distraction

by London Hale

I love it when I get the opportunity to read a book by an author that is new to me, so I was keen to see what London Hale had to offer…and I was not disappointed.

Sinful Distraction was anything but distraction, it was absorbing, totally engaging and romantic.

I liked Riley and Kate, their story was one the kept me interested, what they were going through, the experiences that they were having and the way they handled them spoke volume to me and I thought that the author brought out everything I could have possibly wanted for this couple. I didn’t think I would but I really enjoyed the phone sex element of the story, whilst it wasn’t new, it certainly wasn’t run of the mill and that made it very interesting. I suppose it was the older woman/younger man situation that really flipped the situation on its head, it was a break from the norm.

Kate Briscoe, is a successful woman, you don’t reach the position of being Mayor without stepping on a few toes but that is in her career, her love life is a different kettle of fish, she just wants a man to see past the job and see her for the woman she is and she is a fantastic woman. I had hope that she would get a man to treat her right, I just hadn’t foreseen that it would come in the shape of the delightful Riley.

Riley has been conversing with Kate for almost a year but when they finally meet the connection is combustible! He is everything she has been waiting for and together they are the most perfect pair, the only issue…she has a problem with the age gap, I was hurling abuse at her through my kindle at this point, I mean come on woman what are you worried about the guy is potty about you, supports you in everything you do…he is a keeper and if she didn’t want him I was sure that there were many more who would have…But did she?

Well that is for you to find out but I will say …you may need a fan they get pretty steamy on the phone!

A super read, well written and descriptive…this is an author I will definitely read again.

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