Unbreakable by Abby Reynolds

Unbreakable by Abby Reynolds

Book 1 of the Forehead Kisses Series


Life is a cruel mistress to all of us at times but to some she deals more than their fair share of devastation, this novel wove its way delicately through one such situation, or more to the point it delicately meandered through the pieces of the female lead characters heart that were left unscathed.

Keira endured life. And I mean it when I say endured because that is the only word that I can find to adequately summarize the existence she had.

Life had taken everything from her. Subjected to the most abhorrent of relationships with a man that through nothing of using his fists, she finally garnered the strength to walk away only to fall foul to his rage for the final time. When she wakes days later, she is lucky to be alive and about to discover that she is now truly alone. Her cousin Scotty (who is an absolute peach! More of him please Abby!) has the unenviable task of explaining to her that her parents were on their way to try and find her and have been killed in a traffic accident. As if the horrors she has endured were not enough, Keira spirals into despair, convinced that she holds the blame for her parent’s demise – had she only listened they would have been home and would still be with her now.

Guilt is a gory mistress and we find Keira one year later at college with her cousin and struggling to fit in with society.  Scotty is her constant companion, the only family either of them have. There is nothing that Scott would not do for her but is he all she needs? Or is it time for her to finally shed her black cloud and find the life that her parents would want her to have.

This brings me to Liam – and what a delight he is. The screwed up hard man, with the heart of absolute gold. The underground fighter who has his own demons and no-one to share them with. Using women was a way of life for him, no ties and no regrets. Fighting is the means to an end, the release he needs to disperse the rage that is consuming him from the inside. Life for this guy is no bed of roses and it has no prospect of getting any better until he spots someone who he knows, understands what he was feeling inside because he can see the same pain in her.

Liam feel an empathy with Keira that has him hooked from the minute he sees her but this gentle soul knows that to get through to her he has to take his time, to win her trust and her friendship.

The scene where he explains to her that he is her friend and that he wants to give her a hug is written beautifully. His compassion is almost tangible and his empathy magnificent. My heart soared for them both. They truly were two halves of the same puzzle – they were made to complete each other.

Of course life doesn’t just wrap up all the nice bits in a big old bow and send you on your merry way, and while Liam and Keira have a soul bonding that appears to be completely unbreakable- that does not mean that it is not tested.

Can they overcome the pain caused, when a victim of violence discovers that the love of her life fights for money?

Well what do you think?

Nobody said love was easy but I had my fingers crossed. I felt completely submerged in the love this pair had for each other.

I was pleased when I saw that the story would continue and I feel that Abby set the story up beautifully for the next instalment, my only hope is that Keira takes Liam up on his offer and together they truly become not only Unbreakable but Unstoppable.

It is a pleasure to read a story that shows us that romance is alive and kicking and can be found between the most unlikely of candidates. It’s what lies inside that defines your true beauty and Abby shows us that to perfection.

I hope that Liam and Keira get to prove that together they can slay their dragons and conquer their world.

The story is a beautifully descriptive encounter that took me as the reader on a journey with two broken but enchanting characters, that engaged me with them and left me caring about them both – what more could I ask from a novel.

The book was a revelation - a real page turn for all the right reasons. 

Heart-warming and thought provoking – absolutely fabulous.