Becoming a Legend

by Sarah Robinson

This is a series that not only continues to grow and improve but that has developed into one that I am totally in love with, each book brings a new intensity and while they can all be read as standalone stories, I would strongly urge you to read the other books too, you will not be disappointed.

This particular book focuses in Nora and Kane, and I have to say that the animosity that they exuded had me scratching my chin as to where their common ground was going to come from, the author was going to have her work cut out bringing this pair together because to say that they had a serious dislike for each other going on wasn’t far from the truth. They seemed to almost enjoy baiting each other, their war of words was at times scathing but the push that they seemed to have with each other also resulted in a pull that meant they couldn’t stay away from each other. Their war of words brought a smile to my face on more than one occasion.

The pair of them had their own agenda’s their own goals and priorities and I think that was where the conflict lay, they each had things that had them focusing on where there were going in life, the complication of taking someone else into that equation was a tad more complicated than either of them wanted, after all Nora was up to her eyes with school, having not completed her degree and as for Kane, well he had an important fight to undertake, one that had huge implications, not only for him and his career but also his family.

But there are situations where no matter how hard you try to keep your distance, your heart and head are unwilling to get on the same page, this was very much the case for the two fo them. Nora wanted to see past everything she knows about Kane’s womanising past and accept him for the man he is now and in his heart, he is a fabulous guy, but could she? And as for Kane well he just wondered what he had to do to not only get but also keep a wonderful woman like Nora in his life, she was everything he wanted but didn’t think he would ever get.

The bond between the two of them was one that once it started to grow, never looked back. They worked hard to have a relationship that worked for the pair of them, one that took all the pressures that weighed heavily on them into account and allowed them have what their hearts were screaming out for, they were destined to be together and I was so happy that they found their forever.

A fantastic book that was a pleasure to read with characters that I came to completely adore. Looking forward to reading the next in the series.

Topic: Becoming a Legend by Sarah Robinson

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