Noah's Journey by CA Harms

All three of the Sawyer brothers will leave their mark, but this is Noah’s story and i loved it although I can't say it is my favourite of the series because really it is impossible to choose, they have all been exceptional.

Noah never felt the need to follow his ex when she made it clear that she was leaving town with our without him but when she rocked back up years later, she had good reason to worry about facing him again, because his world would never be the same and her reasoning may never be enough.

Alena and Noah have been skirting around a relationship for far too long, so when they finally get their act together and agree to a date, we should have known that it was never going to be that easy…what we would not have fathomed was the storm that was going to blow back into town and leave them all reeling.

One glance was all it took for Noah’s heart to be completely smitten but that didn’t mean that his anger was tempered in the slightest, it just meant that he had to learn to curb the rage.

Being kept from his son by his ex-fiancé for four years is a painful realisation but he is absolutely determined that he will not miss one single moment of his boys life from now, but what impact will that have on the blossoming relationship that he has with Alena?

Balancing his emotions is not easy and Noah doesn’t always get it right but he tries, he really does but putting the record straight between Alena and himself means finally ensuring that Stacey knows that any illusion that she might harbour that they can pick up from where they left off and form a family, is a pipedream and she needs to understand that his future lies with Alena.

I liked the fact that Alena was willing to step back and put herself first, to accept that Noah had to concentrate on his son but she also took stock and was prepared to fight for the woman she wanted to be, her needs were as important to her as Noah was and while he sorted his business, she was making sure she had all her ducks in a row.

I enjoyed the way the two of them worked on their own situations but yet always kept each other as a significant influence and that when the time was right they rekindled a flame that was never going to be ready to go away.

This has been a super series and I was thrilled when I got to the end and realised that we have Olivia’s story to come next!!!

Topic: Noah's Journey by CA Harms

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