Warped by Alicia Taylor and Natalie Townson

Well the dynamic duo are at it again and in this book two of the Manipulation Trilogy, we pick up immediately where book one Corrupted left off.

This book was a touch more emotional that the first book, I felt more for Ella and took more of her situation to heart. Everything is not as she had thought, much of what she considered fact was had been manipulated and she was the victim in that.

Damon is still playing his cards very close to his chest in a desperate ploy to stop Ella seeing the side of him that just might have her running for the hills. I loved the fact that in this book we got to hear from Damon himself, to see things from his point of view and to have his opinions. He was a fantastic character, one that I felt totally absorbed by – god forbid!

Things with Damon are far from straight forward, the man comes with so much baggage that she has to show some fortitude just to make it through the day, but with Tom at her side, she has the perfect sounding board and well we all know that man is worth it.

I despised Leona but when Damon cottons on to what she is really up to it was a delightful scene, although I have no doubt that she will be back to spoil the party again at some point.

Can Damon give Ella the relationship she is looking for and the one that I believe he wants too or will forces come to pass and force them both into a future that is less than rosy. Will Leona get her comeuppance or will Ella fall foul to her conniving ways.

Come on Book 3 – I’m waiting !