Taming Alex by Jill Sanders


Taming Alex by Jill Sanders

The 2nd book by Jill Sanders in the West Series – I followed onto this after finishing Loving Lauren and if I’m honest I preferred this one.

Alex and Grant grew up together but he has loved her from the minute she kissed his eight year old lips all those years ago.  Ah – doesn’t that just make your heart melt!

But what started 18 years ago, way back when they were children is about to come full circle as Grant is back in town and is definitely not the shy awkward boy that Alex remembers.

All grown up he’s filled out in all the right places and is certainly turning Alex’s head.

Backing out of a failed relationship – Alex is certain of one thing – she doesn’t want another to fall for Grant.

But when Grant is front and centre in her life, she is drawn to him like nothing before.

As the relationship develops, it has a saboteur in the mix but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and this pair can make it all the way.

Great read cant wait to read Haley’s story next


Rating 4.5 out of 5