Finn Beckett by M J Fields

If you haven’t read Memphis Black, Book 1 in this series then please do – for two reasons:

  1. This book will make more sense if you do
  2. You really need to meet Memphis!!!

So I am now assuming that you have read Memphis and are digging into this Finn’s story and if you are anything like me you are initially shaking your head at this belligerent rocker.

But and it is a big but – I loved him. I could forgive him his attitude, I could smile at his arrogance and I could and did loose myself in his musings- this man was just what he said he was a storm wrapped up in all manner of broody, sexy rocker.

Finn, is the reluctant superstar, the whole fame game is lost on him, not that he doesn’t understand it – he does perfectly well, he is just ambivalent to it all. For Finn, it is all about the music- everything else is just window dressing and distraction.

This bass player is I would like to say happy in his own skin, but I’m not sure that happy is a word that Finn has in his vocabulary, he is an unsociable soul, with a connection to River that runs deep but with a heart that has been broken and a past that he has no intention of every letting define him.

But has he met his match with Sonya, and yes if you have read the first book you will know that she makes an appearance in that book, and it is a none too auspicious introduction. But looks can be deceiving.

The draw between them is one of contempt, they really don’t have a good word to say to each other but is that all a front, because there is something more going on between this pair but getting to the crux of what that is, is a journey and a half!

Their story will have you at sixes and sevens, it is far from straight forward and it is all the better for the complexities that they carry with them, the truth of Sonya past is harsh and the connection when it is completed is astonishing.

I ran the gamut of emotions as I made my way through this book and I am all the better for it.

I won’t give you spoilers on this story, not that I don’t want too because I could wax lyrical about almost every aspect of the story to anyone who would be willing to listen but spilling the storyline would be doing you a disservice because in my opinion you really need to read this book.

Finn Beckett you are a legend!


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