Love So Wild 

by Marquita Valentine

A short and punchy read that delivered everything a super second chance romance should.

From the first to last page, I was totally sold on the story, the characters and the fact that they were so totally engaging was a delight but darn it, there were times when I felt almost jealous of their situation and their connection.

I loved that the author gave both Skye and Elijah the opportunity to tell the story form their own perspectives, I like to get that view from inside their own minds, it adds something to a story, a depth of emotion that some other methods sometimes miss.

Life as new parents is a tough call, and they were both having to adjust to the pressures that parenthood had applied on them but their situation didn’t mean that they had forgotten how they felt about each other, they connection was too strong for that to happen. I thought Skye was in many ways a bit of an acquired taste, some of her musings and antics rubbed me up the wrong way but Elijah adored her and that was all that mattered because this guy was a total dream, so if he fell for her hook line and sinker who was I to criticize!

Highly recommended – Elijah will sweep you off your feet, there is no better way to while away your time!


Topic: Love So Wild by Marquita Valentine

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