Neighborhood Watch

by Stylo Fantôme

As I have read the series I have secretly been pining for this Landon’s story because this is one bad boy that wears that tag like a boss. He does everything he wants just the way he wants it and makes absolutely no bones about it along the way and I couldn’t wait to see just how hard he would fall when the right woman came along and believe me Tori was most definitely the right woman!

I found myself picking over his actions, wondering what the heck he was thinking most of the time yet when he got it right, I was a puddle at his feet. I just wanted a bit more of the Landon that made the right choices at times rather than the guy that merely operated on autopilot.

I thought that the connection between Tori and Landon was one that spoke volumes without actually having to say too much at all, not that either of them was shy at saying what they thought…h**l no!  Landon held nothing back but Tori was more than a match for him and his smart mouth, she dished sass like a pro.

Landon may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but for a woman that was so used to giving everything of herself so freely and that never had that favour reciprocated, he was the guy that was there for her, the guy that gave her the opportunity to not only explore his world but to also explore her own horizons.

The story teetered on the edge of making me totally crazy, I daren’t move at times, filled with a desperation to discover what would happen next. The author was liberal with the angst that she peppered the story with and rightly so, because nothing was as it first appeared and both Landon and Tori had a lot to learn about not only themselves but also life in general.  

But would those enlightening moments change them for the better…well therein lies the story that you will discover!

My favourite of the books so far and Landon was everything I wanted him to be, worth every minute.

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