Salvation's Inferno

by Kat Mizera

Oh boy, this one knocked it straight out of the park for me, I mean what the heck is there not to love about a story that is sports based (I love a great sport romance) and that is more than willing to dip its toes (and other bits) into BDSM! WooHoo!!!

The characters were complete, I felt as if I reading about grownups, people who were doing what they wanted, pleasing and pleasuring themselves and each other and oh my did this author know how to get the steam factor hitched up to max!!

The storyline that developed between Becca and Dante was just staggering.

Dante was so complex, on one hand he was this dominant alpha male, but on the other hand I wanted to wrap my arms around him to comfort the part of his heart that I think was totally devastated by a loss that almost defied comprehension. Trouble seems to follow him like a cloud at times but this time I was praying that he would find someone to show him that a future isn’t to be found at the bottom of a bottle or in the arms of a hooker, could Becca be the woman to save him from himself?

Becca was the head or Media Relations for the Sidewinders and has worked her butt off to get to where she is today, and when she first met Dante at the infamous Club Inferno in New York, neither of them were in the right frame of mind to take the night any further than that initial contact, he had responsibilities to live up to and she had a career that she had worked too hard to see side-lined by scandal.

But what about now?

The connection between the two of the was really great, it was given enough wiggle room to encourage it to spread its wings and explore. They both just had to find the will to make it work. I wasn’t sure that Becca could but I hoped that she would, I also wanted to see if with her around Dante would be able to drag himself from the depths of despair that he seemed destined to occupy without the right b=person to help him see that he had more to give.

There are so many emotions portrayed by both characters as the book progressed, that it was hard keeping track of where they both were and that was only exasperated at times by Becca and her ability to confuse the ar*e out of the situation, she seemed to overthink things too much and that was a little wearisome. But the depth of intrigue, the passion that was pulsing through each and every sentence, the pain and suffering, I could go on and on there was so much it was overwhelming!!!

I was knee deep in this book before even realised that I hadn’t moved in over an hour! completely hooked and totally non-repentant at the fact I had spent my morning being totally swept away and had done nothing that I had planned, this was worth every disparaging look that was cast my direction, I gasped, I blushed, I winced…this had all the feels and I simply loved it.

Topic: Salvation's Inferno by Kat Mizera

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